IAS ACADEMY Admission Policy

Choose your Programme / Courses

Find out more about our postgraduate programmes/ courses. We recommend that you look closely at the programme/course key facts to make sure it is the programme/course that matches your career goals.


Entry requirements vary depending on,especially if you are an overseas student. Please call or mail us to know about the entry requirements of the programme/courses before submitting your application.

Seats on our University / Council courses are often limited, so we recommend that you apply as early as possible. Check the programme/courses key facts for intake dates or funding deadlines where appropriate.

Complete the Application Form

You are requested to fill the admission form personally, the Admission Team can assist you in completing the corresponding Application Form sent to you if need be. After which you will need to collate all relevant documents and send them, along with your completed Application Form, to your advisor/councilor.After filling up this form students should deposit the fees and send documents within 24hrs.


Make sure you have all your supporting documents scanned. Admission documents required vary from course to course, so we strongly recommend that you check the programme entry requirements in advance or you can get help from our advisor / councilor. You can find a list of relevant admission documents on the Course Brochure.

Receive Your Results

Upon receipt of the Application Form, all your documents will be submitted for consideration by the Academic Board. The Academic Board consists of senior academics of several university, and meets weekly to assess applicants’ eligibility for their chosen programme using the highest academic standards.

After careful consideration you will receive one of the following offers:

 An unconditional offer. This usually comes as a Letter / Mail / SMS of Acceptance and means that you have successfully met all the requirements and have been accepted into your chosen programme.

 A conditional offer. This means that you have been accepted into the programme, on the condition that you fulfill whatever requirement may be left before you can proceed with your course.

 No offer means you did not receive an offer. This can be due to various reasons, such as: the academic board does not consider you to be ready to pursue this particular course. If you do not receive an offer for this reason, you may still be able to study at IAS ACADEMY by increasing your qualifications through our Certificate Courses.Reasons why you have not received an offer will be made known to you. This will help you when re-applying. In each case, one of our Course Co-coordinators will contact you to explain this in further detail.

 Admission should be done by cash,cheque and bank draft. After admission amount should not be refund.

For more information on admissions, contact us at – iasindia.net@gmail.com

General Refund Policy

Tuition Fee Refunds

All applications for a Tuition Fee refund must be made within 7 days from the date of admission in order to have a full refund of your Tuition Fee.

Registration Fee Is Non-Refundable.

There would be no refund for any application/registration fees. (Please see: Terms & Conditions - Registration and Programmes of Study for more details).

Administrative Charge

All applications for a Tuition Fee refund are subject to an administrative charge. This would be detailed in your Invoice or Payment Page.

Method Of Payment

Refunds will only be made using the original method of payment and to the person who made the original payment.

Disbursements To 3rd Parties

Any fees payable by the Students on behalf / for the University or in connection with the student’s application to a third-party (for example, courier fees, Registration fees payable to the accrediting bodies, Like – University , Council , Any others , as well as Progression Fees etc.) are non-refundable and non-transferable.